Friday, January 4, 2008

Bon Voyage time

The last couple of days mom and dad spent time at Ramakrishna annayya's house going around shopping a bit and and meeting dad's friends from working days. I was in CT catching up on tons and tons of e-mail and piled up work.

Today (04-JAN-2008) mom and dad are leaving for India. They packed their stuff and are all set to go. Mom seems to be a bit upset with me and I do not know the reason. I'll let her come out of the shell to tell me why later.

We reached the airport well ahead of the departure time. We had a snack at a Mexican joint and caught up on some final discussions.

Their 5 week trip to USA has come to a successful completion. They were very eager to get back to their routine life back in India.

Bon Voyage

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year in NJ

After the reception on 30-DEC-2007, I packed my car with luggage and at 11:15pm headed towards Virginia, all by myself. I reached VA by 11:15am on 31-DEC-2007. Mom and dad flew out of Atlanta to reach New Jersey on the 31-DEC-2007 5:45pm.

After loading the rest of the luggage into my car in VA, I started driving towards NJ. I reached Mona and Kirit's place by 11:15pm, right in time for the New Year's bash. Mom and dad spent their new year's with Ramakrishna annayya and family.

NewYear in NJ