Friday, January 4, 2008

Bon Voyage time

The last couple of days mom and dad spent time at Ramakrishna annayya's house going around shopping a bit and and meeting dad's friends from working days. I was in CT catching up on tons and tons of e-mail and piled up work.

Today (04-JAN-2008) mom and dad are leaving for India. They packed their stuff and are all set to go. Mom seems to be a bit upset with me and I do not know the reason. I'll let her come out of the shell to tell me why later.

We reached the airport well ahead of the departure time. We had a snack at a Mexican joint and caught up on some final discussions.

Their 5 week trip to USA has come to a successful completion. They were very eager to get back to their routine life back in India.

Bon Voyage

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