Friday, November 30, 2007

Drive down south

We started early to reach Virginia from Connecticut to beat the traffic. On the way mum and dad saw some final touches of beautiful fall colors. They only wished they were here a couple of weeks ago to see the full spectrum of fall colors.

Some pics on the way
Enroute to Virginia

We reached Virginia (home) in the evening and Visalakshi welcomed us with a hot cuppa tea and a delicious dinner. Mom and I went grocery shopping after dinner while dad dozed off after a long ride (almost 6 hrs).

First pics in Virginia
1st day in Virginia

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First outta state trip

My parents now devoid of jetlag, spent much of the day (27-NOV-2007) at home doing the usual routine of breakfast-lunch-nap-tea-dinner-sleep. They went outta the house to pay a visit to my frens daughter who was in the hospital (diagnosed with pneumonia - she is doing fine now.)

I finally bought a new battery for my camera and charged in 100% (Casio Exilim Z75 comes with a faulty NP-20 battery - call customer support and they will send you a new battery free of charge)

Today (28-NOV-2007) we drove to Connecticut to crash land @ Venu & Pratima's place. They welcomed us with warm heart and treated us to a sumptuous dinner.

Trip to Connecticut
Trip to Connecticut

The fun part of the night was the dialect-duo between my dad and venu's dad. Mogusala's are from Karimnagar, India and Garimella's are from Rajahmundry, India.

Night at Venu's
Night in Connecticut

Monday, November 26, 2007

Stepping outta the house

We went shopping last evening and bought woolen jackets for mom and papa. P's wife Sarita, has hand picked trendy jackets for my parents.

Today the weather was a bit on the milder side and lots of fog. After dinner I took mom and papa to pay a visit to Bandi's (around 9:30pm). They live very close by, just about 5 mins from here. They were maha thrilled to see my parents and insisted that we stay there for a week.

We got to meet Sunil and Srikala for a very short while. Fani and family usually hit the bed around 9:00pm and we did not get a chance to knock their door.

Check out some pics
1st week

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The eagle has landed

Flight arrived on time and my parents have stepped safely on this soil - the eagle has landed (6:30PM 24-NOV-2007).

As soon as they landed, we drove them to P's abode and filled 'em up with some hot coffee. Later they cleaned up and we took 'em to one of the few long-weekend party's. It sorta worked out perfectly to introduce my parents to the "5-2 by 52 formula" we all live by, here in USA.

My parents came back home after spending a couple of hours exchanging info in the cackle of friends.

(I bought a camera to capture their initial reactions to this alien country, but the camera had other plans and would not work at all. We returned the "new" piece and got another one in exchange only to realize that my luck is not working correctly this time around. The battery is faulty and that drove us to buy a new battery tomorrow... You all stay tuned until tomorrow for some of their first pictures.)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Precursor

The wait is over... and they are en route to USA - flew outta Mumbai airport, via Paris, France to Newark, New Jersey. My lil bro dropped them off at the Mumbai airport for their flight scheduled to start @ 24-NOV-2007 7:45AM.

When I last checked, the flight is delayed by 15mins - approx landing time is @ 24-NOV-2007 4:45PM.

My friend Pradeep (yes, I've found one here in this part of the world) offered to transport my parents from the Newark airport to their house in Somerset, NJ.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My parents first visit to US of A

Migrated to USA a long time ago and never showed my parents where I lived for the last decade or so.

Well, the time is here... I finally did arrange a trip for my parents to visit me here in US of A. They are very excited and so am I. "The eagle is landing" - is heard in the cackle of friends.

This blog is to keep track of everything about their stay here in USA.