Sunday, November 25, 2007

The eagle has landed

Flight arrived on time and my parents have stepped safely on this soil - the eagle has landed (6:30PM 24-NOV-2007).

As soon as they landed, we drove them to P's abode and filled 'em up with some hot coffee. Later they cleaned up and we took 'em to one of the few long-weekend party's. It sorta worked out perfectly to introduce my parents to the "5-2 by 52 formula" we all live by, here in USA.

My parents came back home after spending a couple of hours exchanging info in the cackle of friends.

(I bought a camera to capture their initial reactions to this alien country, but the camera had other plans and would not work at all. We returned the "new" piece and got another one in exchange only to realize that my luck is not working correctly this time around. The battery is faulty and that drove us to buy a new battery tomorrow... You all stay tuned until tomorrow for some of their first pictures.)


Preetam N said...

have you given it a thought. Maybe it is a user error.

dailytidbits said...

Yes, it is a "user error" if you call the manufacturer a user. We tried 2 more cameras and still did not work. Apparently, it is a battery error and the manufacturer sent a battery that works.