Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First outta state trip

My parents now devoid of jetlag, spent much of the day (27-NOV-2007) at home doing the usual routine of breakfast-lunch-nap-tea-dinner-sleep. They went outta the house to pay a visit to my frens daughter who was in the hospital (diagnosed with pneumonia - she is doing fine now.)

I finally bought a new battery for my camera and charged in 100% (Casio Exilim Z75 comes with a faulty NP-20 battery - call customer support and they will send you a new battery free of charge)

Today (28-NOV-2007) we drove to Connecticut to crash land @ Venu & Pratima's place. They welcomed us with warm heart and treated us to a sumptuous dinner.

Trip to Connecticut
Trip to Connecticut

The fun part of the night was the dialect-duo between my dad and venu's dad. Mogusala's are from Karimnagar, India and Garimella's are from Rajahmundry, India.

Night at Venu's
Night in Connecticut

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