Saturday, December 22, 2007

Driving down south

We did some shopping on Thursday (20-DEC-2007), packed our bags and started driving down south at about 5:45pm. We stopped a couple of times before reaching Morrisville, NC at about 10:15pm. We had a good dinner at Gowri annayya's (my cousin) house.

On Friday (21-DEC-2007) dad and mom pretty much took rest to recover from the exhaustion of driving around a lot. Gowri annayya took us to the Venkateshwara temple in Cary, NC on Friday evening.

We met another Garimella family here in Morrisville, NC. Rohini aunty, Satish Garimella's mother happened to be friends with mom back home in Bombay. In an engaged conversation, Rohini aunty coined a word "Gharana Musthivallu" to refer to families here who have migrated from India and trying to accustom to American lifestyle. "GM" - she meant going to parties, packing the left overs, storing the food in the fridge and eating brought overs in the later days...

Raleigh-Durham Trip

We had a good breakfast and started to drive down south west towards Charlotte, NC to reach Ganesh/Hima Bindu's place in South Carolina.

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Sree said...

It's a small world!

GM huh? Funny but 'ouch' :)

My regards to anuty and uncle.