Monday, December 17, 2007

Grand Canyon tour

Sunday morning we woke up pretty early, savored Starbucks coffee, packed our bags and put them in the cloak room. Then we sat on a tour bus, 3 hr drive each way, to go see the Grand Canyon (Hoover dam on the way.)

One of the oldest, most spectacular, natural rock formations on earth, the visit is worth every penny. Grand Canyon, a part of the famous Mohave desert, native to the Hualapai (means "of tall pine tree") tribe, is laced with 5000ft deep gorges and valleys made up of sand stone and granite.

The grand tour is made up of a bus ride from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon with a stop near Hoover dam (constructed in 1931-1935) for pictures, a 5000ft decent on a helicopter down to the Colorado river, a boat ride upstream and downstream the Colorado river, an ascent on a helicopter back to the rim of the Grand Canyon, a sumptuous Hualapai-style buffet at the Guano point and a 3 hour ride back to the Las Vegas.

While at it, we learned a few words in Hualapai-lingo: "Chittha" = Mom, "Thalaa" = Dad, "Gamay Yoo" = How are you?

Grand Canyon tour


Bindu said...

cool. aunty in jeans! looks like you guys had a gala time :-)

Sree said...

Gamay Yoo? Long time no see.. :)

It does seem worth every penny. Nice pictures from the helicopter ride.